Sala Baganza

Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 34 - 43038 - Sala Baganza (PR)

Phone: +39 0521331311


Residents: 5.519
Altitude: 162 meters

The history of Sala Baganza is marked by the passage of important families of the local history. From the Sanvitale to the Farnese, the Borbone and the beloved duchess Maria Luigia from Asburgo who have enriched the territory.

The natural environment surrounding the town is characterized by fascinating places such as the Boschi di Carrega Regional Park, the Maiatico Ravines and the Valley of the Baganza Torrent.
Nature excursions in the Regional Park of the Boschi di Carrega allow one to visit and admire the Casino della Duchessa Maria Amalia.
The landscape features natural environment as the Calanchi of Maiatico and palaces as the Rocca Sanvitale, with its frescoes and the Giardino Farnesiano as well as the romanic Parish church of Talignano on the Pilgrims’ way.

Weekly market: Tuesday.

Do not miss:
Rocca Sanvitale
Pieve romanica di Talignano

Parco regionale dei Boschi di Carrega

For tourist information:
Iat of Sala Baganza, Felino and Collecchio
Piazza Gramsci, 1 – 43038 Sala Baganza
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