Parma Card 2020+21


Are you a citizen who wants to discover a simpler and rich of emotions way to live the territory, enjoying the attractions of the Capital of Culture?

Are you a tourist or a visitor whois seeking for a detailed visit of Parma and its province? Whatever the reason you are in Parma, you are lucky: the Parma Card is now available from 1 January 2021, it will allow you to access all the attractions of the territory with competitive prices.

Parma Card is not only a guarantee for money saving and quality, but also for safety: all the attractions and the shops partecipating are part of the “Parma Safe City” programme, which guarantees compliance with post-COVID 2019 hygiene and health requirements.

Parma card is already online, buy it now and discover the advantages of the initiative “Cultura Aperta” on Parma Card, until Decembre 2022, at the price of 12,00 euros.