Discovering the museums

Parma (PR)


An itinerary dedicated to the museums, for a whole day to spend in Parma.

Visits to Pilotta Palace (National Gallery, National Archaeological Museum, Bodoni’s Museum), the Puppets castle, Natural History Museum, Botanical Gardens, Stuard Gallery, Chinese Art Museum, Old Pharmacy of San Giovanni.

Start from the National Gallery located on the first floor of the Pilotta Palace, where you can visit also the National Archaeological Museum and the Bodoni’s Museum .

Getting out of the Palace, cross the meadow towards Via Garibaldi, the side street in front is Via Melloni, along which there is the entrance to the peculiar Puppets castle or Giordano Ferrari museum. Getting back to Via Garibaldi, turn left then cross Via Mazzini and go on to Via Cavestro, on your right you will find the main building of the University of Parma, housing the first interesting branch of the Natural History Museum.

If you turn left into Borgo Palmia, you will get to Via Farini. At the end of this street, at number 90, you will find the Botanical Gardens and the second branch of the Natural History Museum.
To complete this itinerary, we suggest you to visit the Chinese Art Museum, located inside the Seminario Maggiore. You can get there on foot from Via Farini, going straight along Via Solferino or by bus number 2.

Coming back towards Garibaldi square, you can visit the beautiful Stuard Gallery, located in Borgo del Parmigianino, at the end of Via Cavour.