New year’s eve in Parma live streaming


Parma Italian Capital of Culture 2020+21 is ready to celebrate the new year with a special event on December 31 from 9pm: over 4 hours, in streaming and on tv, with theatre performances and music.
Although the sanitary emergency forced us to rearrange the Christmas calendar of events, Parma wants to stay close to culture lovers and give them a special night, a careless and entertaining moment.
High level cultural proposals featuring many artists will come directly to your home from venues that are symbols of the city, as the Regio theatre, the Auditorium Paganini and Teatro Due.
The event will be live streaming on the official socials of Parma 2020+21 and on 12 TV Parma, in partnership with GazzettadiParma. The show is part of Parma Italian Capital of Culture 2020+21 program, and it’s possible with the support of the Municipality of Parma, MiBACT and Emilia-Romagna region, in collaboration with Teatro Regio di Parma, Teatro Due Parma and LaToscanini. Main sponsor of the event is Enel.

The programme:

1. Cabaret Des Artistes by Fondazione Teatro Due

Fondazione Teatro Due presents the best of Cabaret Des Artistes, with some of the best comedy moments with the actors of Ensemble Teatro Due in 2019. A pastiche of music, songs, some literature and poetry, a light theatre cocktail, funny and surreal. The artists of Cabaret des Artistes, created and directed by Walter Le Moli, are: Roberto Abbati, Paolo Bocelli, Laura Cleri, Cristina Cattellani, Gigi Dall’Aglio, Paola De Crescenzo, Davide Gagliardini, Luca Nucera, Massimiliano Sbarsi, Nanni Tormen, Marcello Vazzoler, Emanuele Vezzoli con Nicola Nicchi, Carlo Sella, Francesca Tripaldi with Roberta Bonora, Alessio Del Mastro, Ilaria Mustardino, Chiara Sarcona, Maria Sessa. Music arranged by Alessandro Nidi and performed by Kleine Kabarett Orchestra with Alessandra Mauro at piano, Simona Cazzulani at violin, Anna Vita at trumpet, Elena Vita at sax and Denise Miraglia at percussion.

2. La Toscanini and Toscanini NEXT

From the Auditorium Paganini a performance by Orchestra giovanile Toscanini NEXT. The ensemble is an original project created to give a cross music education and an opportunity for young musicians: an orchestra made of 51 musicians under 35 created and developed in the Emilia-Romagna region, with a national mark. The interaction and mixture of genres and styles is the typical trait of their production activity. They will perform live streaming Next for Verdi, with Roger Catino, director and arranger and Matteo Mazzoli, baritone and narrator.
Toscanini NEXT will also perform another concert of 45 minutes: Take for six, with Andrea Coruzzi, accordion and sax soprano; Alessandro Salaroli, sax soprano and contralto; Luca Crusco, sax contralto and tenor; Ethan Bonini, sax tenor; Eoin Setti, sax contralto and baritone; Marco Carnesella, percussion.
Classical music will be the main star of the evening. From the Auditorium Paganini, the Filarmonica Arturo Toscanini, directed by Giuseppe Grazioli, will perform for an hour long concert: Johann Strauss, Il Pipistrello, Ouverture; Jacques Offenbach, Gaîté Parisienne; Benjamin Britten, Soirées Musicales suite on music by Rossini, op. 9; Gioachino Rossini, La Cenerentola, Ouverture; Georges Bizet, Carmen Suite.

3. Nada, Fabio Concato and Marina Rei from the Regio theatre

From the Regio theatre, three important voices of the Italian music: Nada, great interpreter in the ’70s; the singer-songwriter Fabio Concato with a fancy trio featuring the amazing pianist Paolo Di Sabatino; the songwriter and musician Marina Rei in a solo. Created by Giovanni Sparano of the Barezzi Festival, this unique performance is organized and produced by Fondazione Teatro Regio di Parma.

The last day of the year will then be under the sign of culture, with an unmissable event to wrap up this incredibly difficult 2020 and show how Parma Italian Capital of Culture never stopped: the appointment is in 2021 hoping culture will resume and beat, with renewed vigor, the rhythm of the city.

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