Buddhist zen monastery Sanbo Ji – Temple of the three Jewels

Località Pradaiolo, 27 – Pagazzano 43040 Berceto (PR)

Phone: +39 052560296 - 333 7737195



Sanbo-Ji is the temple of the three Jewels, it is a residential place of Zen practice, situated on the mountains between Tuscany and Emily, 700m of altitude in Berceto (PR).
Founded in 1996, it is directed by Zen Master Zendo Tetsugen Serra. It is a place where you can discover yourself and find your interior peace, in harmony with the whole universe.

Sanbo-Ji is the japan word for Temple of the three Jewels. The Zen three jewels are Buddha, Dharma and Sangha.
The Temple of the three Jewels has the typical Zen style: simple and essential, in a natural and uncontaminated place, where you can go back to your own silence and find yourself.
It is possible to spend periods of zen practice at the MOnastery from July to September.
Everyday life is based on meditation and work, leavin time to personal study.

It is also possible to join all the seminars that are held during the whole year, have a short or long terms accommodation in July, August and September attending the meditation practice in the morning, the agricultural works, yoga, zen and shiatsu practices during the day. The accommodation is in shared rooms.

The Monastery offers accommodation also for groups that wish to attend seminars during the day, a week-end or more days.
A wide 250 square meters room with original japanese tatami is available for practicing.