Barbecues areas in the province of Parma:

Parma (PR)



Please note that the use of barbecue is permitted in with regulations and safety regulations

Stagno di Roccabianca: privte area by payment and by reservation il tel.3407349269. The area is next a bar/restaurant. 
Monchio delle Corti
: at the Ballano lake, four grills for babecue.
Schia: (Comune di Tizzano Val Parma): 1 grill at the arrive of chairlift – 1 grill at the Pian delle Guide – 1 grill at the Parco dei Caprigliesi.
Lido del Groppo (Comune di Tornolo): (Minicipality of Tornolo): riverbaknk at Taro river with bar open in July and August and one area picnic, one grill.