Veterinary hospital

Via Gramsci 30/A - 43126 Parma

Phone: +39 05211830586

Pronto soccorso veterinario


From the union of the Peressotti Veterinary Hospital, the Jenner Veterinary Clinic and the CNV Veterinary Neurological Center, the 24H Vetcenter Vetcenter was born, a structure located in the center of Parma that offers basic, specialist and emergency veterinary services.

The 24H Vetcenter Veterinary Hospital, a structure of the VetPartners Italia group, was born in September 2023 from three historical realities in Parma.

The center is ready to welcome dogs, cats and unconventional animals every day of the year with a 24-hour emergency room to guarantee emergency medical assistance and offer a basic, specialist and reference medicine service with advanced diagnostic investigations and all-round equipment.