The tangenziale: the ring road

Tangenziale sud Parma


The ring road is a double tracked freeway, developing around the city in order to lighten the traffic in town.

The roads around Parma are divided in North, West, South and East. The North segment starts from East on the Via Emilia, towards West direction Piacenza, where it connects to the West one. The exits of the North ring road take to the Railway station, the historical center, the A1 motorway, the Fair and the airport.

Between the exits 9 and 10 there’s the joint with the road to Fidenza and the Bassa parmense.

The West ring road includes the exit to the Hospital and the South one to the University campus. The East segment connects to the Via Emilia closing the circle.

The exits are numbered with the indications of the streets they get into. The speed allowed on the ring road varies from 70 to 90 km/h.