Luggage storage service

Piazzale Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa

Phone: +39 3665021899

Opening times

from Monday to Sunday from 8am to 9pm.


Daily price € 5,00.
Every hour € 1,00.
It is possible to pay with coins or credit cards. The system accepts all the main international circuits.

Deposito bagagli


Automatic luggage deposit without reservation.

How does it work?
1) Reach the store: it is right outside the Parma railway station
2) Reach the totem, follow the instructions on the screen, choose a code to open the locker: you will need this personal code to re-open the locker to collect your belongings, now pay only the first hour.
3) Place your belongings inside the locker, close it and keep the ticket with the personal code you will need to re-open the locker and pick up your belongings.
4) When you will be ready to pick up your stuff: go back to the totem, follow the instructions, insert you code, pay the possible balance and collect your belongings.

Luggage storage and collection are only permitted during store opening hours.
For security reasons the store is closed from 9pm to 8am so, in case of non-collection during opening hours, you can pick up your belongings the day after when the store opens.
There are 36 lockers.

There is also a service Drop & Pick key storage and small objects.