How to reach Parma by car

43100 - Parma (PR)

Casello A1 Parma centro


Parma is a town rich in history, culture and art situated in the Region Emilia Romagna, North of Italy, between Bologna and Milan. It has a strategic position because it is close to other important towns as Venice, Ferrara, Verona or Torino; but also close to the coast of Liguria and Tuscany and on the other seaside to the Riviera Romagnola.

To reach Parma by car there are different ways:

  • with the highway A1 Milano – Bologna (tollgate Parma) and A15 Parma – La Spezia (tollgate Parma Ovest);
  • with main roads such as la Via Emilia, Via Mantova, Via La Spezia e Via Cremonese, Via Colorno, Via Langhirano, Via Traversetolo;
  • with the ring road, wich turns all around the city and links the various areas of Parma to the main roads and the highway.

The historical center of Parma is a Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL) controlled by cameras working every day, included festivities. During the day the access to the center is allowed only to resedents or to foreigners who have to reach the Hotel.

All around the Limited Traffic Zone there are many covered parkings and reach easily the center walking few minutes.
In some areas close to the city center there are streets with parking place signed with blue lines nearby the blue lines are located the parking meters working with coins or season tickets on sale at the Infomobility Office. Prices changes depending on the different areas.

The regulations on Limited Traffic Zones and parkings in town is also applied for cars with foreigner plates.

Located at the access points of the town there are the exchange car parks, free and open 24 hours a day, are the right places to leave your car and reach the city centre by shuttle bus.
Driving away from the city center is possible to find freeĀ parking areas to leave the car.

In Parma there is also a service of carpooling, that is to say use one car with people making the same road.