Ghiaia Parking

Piazza Ghiaia

Phone: +39 0521609309

Opening times

Open every day from 6am to midnight


The cost is €2.00 per hour for a maximum of €16.00 for the whole day


The car park is open every day from 6.00 to 24.00 and can also be reached by non-ZTL authorized vehicles. The ZTL gate system managed by Infomobility is connected to the internal license plate detection system of the Ghiaia car park, thus also allowing cars not authorized to transit in the center to freely access the car park. For those who do not already have a valid permit, entry into the restricted traffic zone will only be permitted if they actually use the Ghiaia car park.

There are 38 places available to the public, with a reserve also for disabled people. For parking the cost is €2.00 per hour for a maximum of €16.00 for the whole day, both on weekdays and holidays. The car park is equipped with a license plate reading system and 2 automatic pay stations for payments in cash, debit cards and credit cards. It is always possible to leave the car park within 24 hours and only after having paid for the parking.

Entrance to the car park will be regulated by a special light signal positioned on the roundabout between the Verdi bridge and the beginning of v.le Mariotti, which will indicate whether the car park is “free” or “occupied”. Near the signal, cars will be able to proceed in the direction of the car park and access it only in the event of a “free” light signal, while access will still be prohibited to unauthorized persons in the event of an “occupied” light signal. It is not allowed to wait in the event of a “busy” signal for obvious traffic reasons.

Access to the Ghiaia car park is permitted only from Viale Mariotti and exclusively for the Ghiaia car park. Once you leave the car park it is not possible to access the rest of the restricted traffic zone and this is regulated by curbing on the road, which from Via Pigorini up to the intersection with Viale Mariotti, forces cars to respect the obligatory direction sign, turn right out of the car park towards the station, towards the exit from the restricted traffic zone.