Toschi car park

Viale Paolo Toschi, 2/G - 43121 - Parma (PR)

Phone: +39 0521235953

Opening times

open 24 hours a day


1 hour € 2,00.
From the third to the sixth hour € 2.50 per hour. Maximum price per day €  14,00.
Telepass service payment available.

Parcheggio Toschi Parma


two floors underground, maximum height 1,98 metres, 10 parking lots reserved for disabled people, close circuit security, automatic pay machines, credit cards and cash accepted. Not for motorcycles.

Parking lots: 958

The parking is free for disabled people with specific pass.
To have the free parking register with name, surname number of the disabled pass and expire date.
To register write or phone:
Tel. +39 0521235953 (everyday 24 hours) or