Parking permits

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Permessi di sosta Parma


Parma can be visited by car with specific permits to enter the limited traffic areas and parking, necessary to reach some parts of the city. Permits are available, after filling the proper documents, according to the needs of the applicant and the Municipality rules.

The historical center is restricted and the city is divided into areas with different parking rates and different possibilities of transit and parking.

Visitors who reach and stay in the city can purchase parking tickets for the different areas.

Tourists with a reservation for the accommodation located in the limited traffic areas, can be transit without permit. In case they pass an access controlled by cameras, the accommodation will communicate the license plates number to avoid a fine.

Disable people with permit in their country of residence, must communicate to Infomobility the data of the vehicle and owner by calling the telephone number 800 238630.

It is possible to pay on the blue lines by:

  • parking meters located along the streets with parking by  payment, except limited traffic areas
  • scratch and park tickets for half a day or daily ones, on sale at the newsagents and tobacco shops
  • mobile phone (Telepark): payment service by mobile, you need to be registered first
  • monthly tickets for a whole day or half
  • prepaid tickets for the parking meters, on sale at the newsagents and tobacco shops

Parcometri Smart: to enter and park occasionally in a traffic limited area, it is possible to buy a ticket at one of the parking machines also paying by credit card Visa or Mastercard, the parking machines are located on Piazzale della Pilotta, viale Basetti (in front of number 6) and on Via Martiri della Libertà corner with Strada XXII Luglio, that means near the three traffic cameras.
It is possible to purchase a ticket for two hours (euros 5,00) and for one day (euros 10,00).

For any information about parking, permits and transit in limited traffic areas contact

Viale Mentana, 29 – Parma
tel. 05211680211