Electric scooters sharing


The service of electric scooters sharing is also in Parma in free floating mode. These vehicles can be rented through an APP and used to move around and park them in another spot of the city, always in accordance with the road traffic rules.
A green and flexible alternative to cars, a smart solution with low environmental impact, able to reduce urban traffic and socially distancing, an important piece of the greater urban mobility evolution project of Parma, oriented to sustainable, not polluting mobility, that is willing to favor walking, biking, light, green and technological vehicles people and city friendly.

The electric scooters cannot circulate and be parked in the “Environmental spaces”; thanks to an automatic system that disables them from operating, it’s possible to carry them only by hand, in order to avoid any possible danger for pedestrians. The vehicles may circulate within the city  until the University Campus, to guarantee the intermodality with other ways of transport, they will be available in exchanging spaces, as for example the Railway station, the exchange parking North, East, West, South, via Traversetolo, viale Villetta, in front of the Cinecity at the roundabout of the University Campus and at the Palasport.

Please note that the electric scooters are required to follow the usual road rules as the bikes, in accordance with the law n.160 of 27/12/2019; a minimum age of 14 years old is required, as well as the AM driving license, we also suggest to use an helmet (mandatory for under 18).
Scooters must drive on the bicycle paths with a speed limit of 20 km/h or, if paths are not available, they must stay on the right side of the road.
No other passengers allowed beside the driver, the transport of animals and goods is also not allowed. Scooters must be parked according to the road rules, possibly in the vicinity of bike racks, making sure not to hinder public spaces.

Here are the information of the app:
-Company: HELBIZ https://helbiz.com/ APP: Helbiz – Email: support@helbiz.com – Tel 02 30453004
-Company TIER https://www.tier.app/it/ APP: TIER – Email: support@tier.app – Tel 011 7081015, toll free number 011 7081016
-Company BIT MOBILITY https://www.bitmobility.it/ APP: BIT. Email: assistenza@bitmobility.it – Tel 045 4951487

€1 unlock fee. The cost of the service per minute starts at 15 cents. Each operator has also provided for differentiated flat rates.
Rates are subject to change, check on the website of each individual operator.

Parking: all the areas on the map in the App, except the Environmental spaces