Mi Muovo: the new bike sharing

Bike rental of Parma - Piazzale Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa

Phone: +39 0521281979

Le biciclette del Bike sharing a Parma


Mi muovo is the integration of the public transport with bike sharing system: the owner of season ticket of local transport can use the same card also for bike sharing, bikes located in strategic points in the city. This system offers to the travlers to move in Emilia Romagna by different means of tranpsort with one card. Parma is the first city where the new system is available.

It is necessary a new card available at the Infomobility in Viale Mentana 29, or at the Cicletteria at the Train staion.
It si possibile to use the service without the card also with the APP Weelo

Conditions: aged 16 years old weith an identity card. Membership fee euro 15,00; the card costs euro 5,00; mandatory minimun charge euro 5,00, total cost 25,00.
The first half hour is free, than every half hour until the third hour is 0,80 euros and over the third hour until the 24th is euros 2,00 per hour.

It is able a single card for bike sharing, season ticket for local trasport, season ticket for trains and Car Sharing. for trains please check on the website of ferrovie to check which trains ara available.

Bike sharing points:

  • Dus, Viale Mentana 49 (10 bikes)
  • Ospedale Maggiore, Via Abbeveratoia 4/a (10 bikes)
  • Traversetolo, Via Traversetolo (7 bikes)
  • Parcheggio scambiatore Sud, Via Traversetolo (10 bikes)
  • Campus Universitario Padiglione Chimica (10 bikes) not available
  • Stazione, p.le Dalla Chiesa (20 bikes)
  • Via Mazzini – scalinate di Piazza Ghiaia (10 bikes)
  • Piazzale Santa Croce (14 bikes)
  • Bixio, Piazzale Barbieri (10 bikes)
  • Farini, Barriera Farini (6 bikes)
  • Barilla Center, Via Emilia Est (10 bikes)
  • Borgo XX Marzo vicino al Battistero (11 bikes)
  • Piazzale Barezzi (12 bikes)
  • Piazza Garibaldi – dietro l’edicola di fianco al Municipio (6 bikes)
  • Via della Repubblica – vicino alla Chiesa di San Sepolcro (10 bikes)
  • Toschi, Viale Toschi (9 bikes)
  • Rondani, p.le Rondani (10 bikes)
  • Crocetta, Via Emilia Ovest (9 bikes)
  • Boito, p.le Boito (10 bikes)
  • Efsa, Viale Piacenza (8 bikes)
  • Kennedy, Vicolo Santa Maria (8 bikes)
  • Cittadella, Via Passo Buola
  • Vittoria, strada del Quartier
  • Park Campus, Viale Usberti
  • Via San Leonardo (Centro Torri)
  • Viale Villetta
  • Auditorium Paganini
  • Piazza Lago Santo (Centro Lauro Grossi )
  • Viale Partigiani d’Italia (Stadio Tardini)
  • Via Spezia (Centro Cavagnari)
  • Via Toscana
  • Parco Bizzozero