Parma (PR)


Carpooling means moving around asking for a ride to drivers. How it works is very easy: just say your departure, arrival and time. The website shows you who’s available to give you a ride, sharing the costs, then you can contact the driver by email or mobile phone.

If you wish to use your car and give a ride to other people, register on the website for free, say which is your city and the itinerary that you want to share. You can also say the cost in advance or at the moment of the journey.

A real social network to meet and share destinations. Carpooling calculates the saving of gas that it may be up to 75%, depending on the destination and the number of travellers. Apart from saving money it’s also good for the environment. More people on a car means less pollution and less traffic congestion. If you don’t have a computer there are also applications available for mobile phones, Iphone and Ipad, very useful in case of a strike, because you can plan in real time your moving. There is also an application on Facebook.

On the website you can enter the widest database of carpooling in Europe with more than 500.000 national and international journeys, looking for rides by city (for ex.Carpooling Milan or Carpooling Rome). To look for an offer/request of a ride, go to New journey.

In Parma, during the traffic blocks, cars with carpooling (at least three passengers) can circulate.