Bicycle routes in Parma

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Parma is the ideal city to visit and go around by bike, thanks to its flat land and its dimensions that allow to reach any place in a short time and ecologically.
There are many bicycle routes in town along almost every street in order to drive safely.

It is also possible to ride your bicycle in the province along bike paths and slow traffic itineraries. The main three ones are:
• Via Francigena from Fidenza to Fornovo (with an extension to Parma) and Cisa pass;
• Ciclo-Po cutting the province of Parma from Piacenza, passing on the bank of the river Po to arrive to Guastalla;
• Tour number 16 of BicItalia Tirreno-Brennero (Ti-Bre “soft”) from the bridge on the river Po of Casalmaggiore to Colorno, Parma, Sala Baganza, Calestano, Berceto to arrive at the Cisa Pass and then along the Lunigiana land to the seaside.

Of great interest it is also the cycle-Taro from Viarolo to Gramignazzo and the paths of the Verdi and Guareschi land. The majority of the cycle itineraries in the province is indicated on maps that cover the territory between the river Po and the area right before the mountains (Salsomaggiore, Varano Marchesi, Fornovo, Langhirano, Traversetolo).
The maps are available at the Fiab headquarter on Via Bizzozero, at the Cicletteria and at the Tourist office on Piazza Garibaldi. The price is € 4,00 each (€ 35,00 for the complete set).

At the Tourist Office Iat-R in Piazza Garibaldi you can buy the maps of Parma in Bici which costs € 2.00, or the Pedalart maps which costs € 5.00.