100 Laghi Bike


The cycling route designed to enhance the natural heritage and typical products of the Parma Apennines.

The route passes through the Apennine National Park and the Cento Laghi Regional Park, South of Parma, on the border with Tuscany .
The cycling route starts in Lagdei, in the municipality of Corniglio, and reaches Prato Spilla, in the municipality of Monchio delle Corti.
It is ideal for mountain bikes and e-bicycles, given that the route has a difference in altitude of 800 meters and runs along forest roads and paths immersed in the woods.
The 100 Laghi Bike was created to enhance the natural beauty of the area and also allows the tasting of typical products in the various refreshment points. In these same places it is then possible to stay overnight and rest, given the length of the route of 25 kilometres.

An App is also available that allows you to have more information on the route and a QR Code on the signs to be georeferenced.

There are several bike rental points along the route: one in Lagdei in the municipality of Corniglio, one in Trefiumi in the municipality of Monchio delle Corti and another rental point in Rigoso, also a hamlet of Monchio.