Tabiano Spa

Viale alle Terme, 32 - 43039 - Salsomaggiore Terme (PR)

Phone: +39 800861385

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The mineral water of Tabiano Spa centre flows from sulphureos springs, considered to be among the best in Europe thanks to their high sulphydrate level, their richness in sulphur and calcium combined with carbon anhydride, litium, magnesium, iron and a rich biological composition.

Known since 1800 as one of the most sulphureos waters in Europe, nowadays these thermal waters are still considered among the most efficacious.

Tabiano begins its activities as a reknowed spa town in 1841 thanks to the duchess Marie Louise, daughter of Francis Ist Emperor of Austria, and widow of Napoleon. Marie Lousie was an expert and an estimator of thermal waters as in her youth, due to her delicate health, she had attended toghether with her familiy the most famous Villes d’eaux of the time.

The Tabiano Spa offer cures for different diseases, rehab, a multiambulatories center, a beauty center and a shop with all the Tabiano Spa products on sale.

Traditional thermal cures:

  • Direct inhale
  • Aerosol-Humage
  • Thermic Rino aerosol
  • Gas in environment inhale
  • Ultrasonic nebulization in environment
  • Micronized nasal shower
  • Nasal irrigation
  • Endotimpanic insuflation
  • Vibrated crenoterapic politzer
  • Vagina irrigation
  • Bath
  • Oral balneotherapy
  • Idropinic cure
  • Partial Mudtherapy

Complementary cures:

  • Breathing fisiokinesitherapy
  • Mechanic ventilation
  • Tubaric Rieducation
  • Logopedic rieducation
  • Vestibolr rieducation
  • TRT – acufens rieducation
  • Moving rieducation
  • Moving idrochinesitherapy
  • Vascular track

To access the thermal cures in Tabiano under the agreement with the National Sanitary Service with the ticket’s cost by law, just go to the plant with the doctor’s prescription on which there must be written the disease to cure, with an id document and the fiscal code.

Reservations can be made by telephone or directly at the Spa. Once in Tabiano go to the registration’s counters and the procedure starts with the doctor’s visit of admission.