Spa of Salsomaggiore

Via Roma, 9 - 43039 - Salsomaggiore Terme (PR)

Phone: +39 800860379


Terme Berzieri

A modern spa which includes departments for traditional spa water treatments as well as special centres for specific types of treatments such as the Pediatric inhalations centre, the Oral hygiene centre and the Spa centre for hydrotherapy and aesthetic medicine.

The Spa Centre for hydrotherapy and aesthetic medicine, in particular, focuses on fitness and rehabilitation in the water using the multi-level spa pool with geyser, hydro-massage and underwater equipment. Vascular water walks and beauty treatments for body and face are also available.

The salsobromoiodic water, the muds and the Mother water are the only natural medicines admitted at the Salsomaggiore spa to prevent and fight many diseases of bones, muscles breathing ways, blood circulation, feminine diseases, paradontoses.

For information on wellness and therapeutic treatments please contact Terme di Salsomaggiore.

Spa centers

Centro termale Zoja
Parco Mazzini – 43039 Salsomaggiore (PR)
tel. +39 0524582748 – –  free toll number 800 861385

Centro termale Respighi
Viale alle Terme – 43039 Bagni di Tabiano – Salsomaggiore (PR)
tel. +39 0524564111 – – free toll number 800 861385

Wellness centre Berzieri – Closed for restoration works
Piazza Berzieri – 43039 Salsomaggiore (PR)
tel. +39 0524582723 –

Wellness centre T-Spatium
Viale alle Terme – 43039 Bagni di Tabiano – Salsomaggiore (PR)
tel. +39 0524564130 –

Hotel Valentini and Hotel Porro
Viale Porro 10 – 43039 Salsomaggiore (PR)
tel. +39 0524578251 –