Valtaro by motorbike

Valtaro in moto


Itinerary: Borgo Val di Taro
How: by motorbike
When: Spring, Summer and Autumn
Time required: minimum 2 days

Supported by the Mountain community, the Road of Porcino mushroom and the Confesercenti, the project Valtaro by motorbike is an itinerary crossing the mountains from Fornovo to the Appennines along the border of the province of Parma.
Sharp bends lead to mountain tops and 4 passes, surrounded by stunning views and a land rich with history and gastronomic delicacies.The mountain passes you can reach following this itinerary are the Passo del Bocco, Passo Centocroci, Passo della Cappelletta, Passo Due santi, Passo del Bratello, Passo della Cisa, Passo del Sillara, Passo Cirone, Passo Ticchiano, Passo di Badignana and Passo del Lagastrello.
Worth a visit for its nature and history, the valley crossed by the river Taro can boast beautiful landscapes and lovely hamlets such as Berceto, Borgo Val di Taro, Compiano, Bedonia, Tarsogno and Santa Maria del Taro, scattered with castles, ruins and ancient churches.

The Province of Parma is well renowned for its gastronomic products and the mountain villages can boast especially the Mushroom of Borgo Val di Taro, Parmigiano Reggiano cheese and many more delicacies that visitors are invited to discover.