Through the castles of the Bassa parmense by bike

Through the castels of the bassa parmense by bike


Itinerary: Parma, Roncopascolo, Viarolo, Ronco Campo Canneto, San Secondo, Aicardi, Fontanellato, Cannetolo, Soragna, Carzeto, San Secondo, Castelnuovo, Parma
How: by bike
When: from March to October
Time required: about 75 kms, one day

Start this itinerary from Strada dei Mercati, turn right towards Verdi airport and at the first crossroads turn right towards Roncopascolo – Fiera. After about 1.5 kms turn left and go on until you reach the crossroads. Follow the Maretto canal, go past the motorway overpass, turn left and then right to Viarolo.

You can cycle on the bank of the Taro river until you reach Ronco Campo Canneto and then follow the road to San Secondo. Here you can visit the Castle built in 1450-60 by Pier Maria Rossi.

Turning right you will get to Castell’Aicardi and Fontanellato, renowed for the Rocca Sanvitale and the Sanctuary of Madonna del Rosario, pilgrims stopping-place. Leave again to Cannetolo and, following Strada Farnese, you will get to Soragna, where you can visit the Rocca Meli Lupi , the
Parmigiano Reggiano Museum and the Giovannino Guareschi’s Museum.

Go back to San Secondo and, after crossing the bridge on the river Taro, turn left to Ronco Campo Canneto.Turn left again on Strada del Borgazzo and then right into a road lined with trees.
After cycling along the canal, turn left and follow signs to Baganzola-Castelnuovo. Near the oratory turn right, then left to Ravadese and follow on the bank until you get back to Parma.