The Food museums by motorhome

The Food museums by motorhome


The Food museums in the Province of Parma are located on a Street of taste that diagonally cuts through the Parma land, creating a road to follow for one day or more to visit all the museums dedicated to the typical products of the territory.

The starting point is the exit of the A1 Fidenza Salsomaggiore Terme then direction Soragna (10 km), to visit the Parmigiano Reggiano museum, in Soragna there is also the amazing Rocca Meli Lupi.

Second stop is Fontanellato, a beautiful village of the Bassa parmense with its Rocca Sanvitale (10 km). From Fontanellato reach the Via Emilia, or SS 9 (8 km) until Ponte Taro, once here, turn in direction Collecchio then Sala Baganza (18 km). The Rocca Sanvitale awaits you here with the Wine Museum. Not far from Sala Baganza, in Felino (5 km), there’s the Castle that hosts the Salame Museum. From Felino drive direction south towards Langhirano (12 km) to reach the Ham Museum. After this stop, drive to Mamiano di Traversetolo (12 km) where there’s the magnificent Fondazione Magnani Rocca, the la villa of masterpieces. From here, drive back to Parma, to the exit of the A1 (16 km).
The tour, that can be followed also by car, covers an area that is scattered with castles, parish churches, places of art and natural parks.

The parking spaces for motorhomes along this road are in Fontanellato, Collecchio, Sala Baganza and Parma.

It is possible to visit all the places along the way with the convenient Food museums Gold card.