Museums and Parish churches of the Appennines

43020 - Neviano degli Arduini (PR)

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Pieve di Sasso


Itinerary: Neviano degli Arduini
How: by car
When: all year round
Time required: a weekend

An itinerary out of the usual touristic routes to discover some of the beauties of the parmesan Appennines.
The itinerary is around 80 kms. By car from Parma follow SS 513 direction south to Traversetolo, then go on to Neviano degli Arduini and Bazzano. On the way to the Monte Fuso Oasis you can stop in the following interesting places:

Bazzano parish church:
the Romanesque parish church of Bazzano probably dates to the 11th century, but was altered and enriched during Renaissance time. An octagonal baptismal font, belonging to the original building, was probably carved before the year 1000.

Museum of padlocks:
the small village of Cedogno plays host to the first museum in the world entirely dedicated to padlocks. It is the collection of Vittorio Cavalli, who has gathered, in 60 years, more than 3000 padlocks in any shape and of any time, coming from all over the world.

Sasso or Santa Maria parish church:
this Romanesque parish church, built at the time of Matilde of Canossa, towards 1080-1090, looms over the valley from a rock, offering a wonderful view over the tops of the mountains in the Parmesan Appennines, such as Mount Cimone. Noteworthy, the floor and the baptismal font, made of stones carved with the lion of St Marc and the angel of St Matthew.

Scurano parish church:
dedicated to the Christian martyr St Cassiano, it was first recorded in a document by Arrigo IV of the year 1111.

The memorial stone of Mount Fuso:
set in the highest spot of Mount Fuso, the sandstone obelisk holding up a bas-relief depicting the Madonna of the Alps and a cross, was built at the beginning of 20th century according to the will of Giuseppe Micheli.