From Parma to the Regional Park Boschi di Carrega by bike

Boschi di Carrega


Itinerary: Parma, Vigheffio, Sala Baganza, Casino dei Boschi di Carrega, Sala Baganza, Gaione, Parma
How: by bike
When: from March to October
Time required: 32 kms, half a day

Start from Via Baganza, follow it to the end crossing the overpass on the south ringroad, then go on to Vigheffio. After a turn, take a tiny road running across the fields and rural houses along the river Baganza. At the end of the road, before getting to the provincial road, turn left into a dirt road.

Turn left to Sala Baganza where you can visit the Rocca Sanvitale, built in 1254.
Go on to the Boschi di Carrega park , a real treasure of local flora and fauna. We suggest to reach the Renzo Levati centre, the starting point for guided tours at the Casino dei boschi.

Going back to Sala Baganza, in a small village called La Buca, you can visit the Lipu Centre for the recovery of birds of prey.
From here, cross the bridge on the river Baganza, go on to Felino, San Ruffino and Gaione, where you can stop for a visit at the Romanesque parish church. Eventually, go back to Parma through the Montanara district.