From Parma to Brescello by bike

43100 - Parma (PR)

Don Camillo e Peppone


Itinerary: Parma, Chiozzola, Sorbolo, San Sito, Godezza, Brescello, Mezzani, Coenzo, Frassinara, Parma
How: by bike
When: from March to October
Time required: 45 kms, half a day

The itinerary starts from Via Mantova. Follow the avenue leading to the Charterhouse , then go past it and turn right and then left. At the crossroads follow signs to Beneceto, then turn left into Strada Scola and left again to Beneceto.

After a small church, turn left, go on for 600 metres and turn left again. Cross the level crossing and the provincial road to Sorbolo (Via Mantova) and take the road to Chiozzola. After Ramoscello go on until you reach the crossroads, turn right and you will get to Sorbolo. Take Via IV Novembre towards Sorbolo Levante and after the level crossing, turn right to Poviglio.

When you get to San Sisto, go on to Brescello following the bank Mola. You will get to Godezza and Brescello, where we suggest you to visit the museum Don Camillo.
Get out of the village going towards the bank and turn left to Parma. Near a small wet basin, cross an iron pedestrian bridge that will take you on the banks of river Po.

Getting out of the avenue towards the Enza river, turn right and then right again on the bank to Ghiarole. Following the signs to Colorno, go on unitl you reach the bridge on the Enza and get to Coenzo. From here, you can go back to Sorbolo turning left or, turning right and taking the bank of canal Terrieri going towards Frassinara, Ravadese and Sorbolo.

Once you get to Ramoscello, go back to Parma following the same itinerary the other way round.