By mountain bike in Toncina and Noveglia valleys

Val Noveglia


Itinerary: Val Toncina e Val Noveglia
How: by mountain bike
When: from May to October
Time required: about 6 hours

A beautiful and average hard itinerary by mountain bike among oak wood and rivers around Bardi.
The itinerary starts from the parking area around Landalo at the feet of the Castle of Bardi direction South and after going down quickly for about 700 meters, it arrives at the bridge on the Ceno river, where it turns right following the bed of Ceno then it arrives at the hydroelectric station in Molino Belli

From here the itinerary goes up the bed of the Toncina river then it crosses an asphalted municipal road near the village of Ghiaia, it turns left and after a hard segment going up for about 4,3 km, it goes through the villages of Castellaccio, Lezzara and Spiaggere.

From Spiaggere going East, after a beautiful part of the itinerary under the shadow of an oak wood, it arrives in Comune Sottano then to the village of Noveglia, where it carries on direction Pieve di Monastero then towards the villages of Castagneto, Predario, Cà d’Alfieri until Chiappa.

From Chiappa, after a quick way down, it crosses the municipal road Pietrarada-Monti, where it turns left and carries on to Monti lake then back onto the asphalted road back to Bardi. In case the rivers condition didn’t permit to cross it, it is suggested to take the provincial road direction Bedonia through the villages of Sidolo and Lezzara.