By bike from Parma to Salsomaggiore through the Stirone Park

Parma (PR)

Parco dello Stirone


Itinerary: Parma, Fidenza, Ponte Ghiara, San Nicomede, Scipione, Salsomaggiore, Cabriolo, Santa Margherita, Borghetto, Noceto, Ponte Taro, Madregolo, Vigolante, Parma
How: by bike
When: from March to October
Time required: 71 kms, one day

The first part is on the Via Emilia, direction Piacenza. After 23 kms from Parma you arrive in Fidenza, where it is possible to visit the San Donnino Cathedral , the City hall in Piazza Garibaldi and the Fossils of the Stirone Museum.

Once passed the city, turn right and right again to San Nicomede, where you can find the romanich Church, and by a narrow street you get to the Stirone river, where is the
Regional Park, interesting for the many fossils.

Get back to San Nicomede and drive to Scipione Ponte, going up on the left street in direction Salsomaggiore.
Once arrived in the Spa town, visit the Berzieri Spas in liberty style and carry onto Via XXV Aprile, taking the third side street on the left to Cabriolo-Fidenza. At the traffic light after Cabriolo turn right to Santa Margherita and follow the road to Noceto. You pass the village of Borghetto and follow the directions to Parma.

Once arrived in Ponte Taro, you can wither take the cycle driveway on the left that takes you directly to the city or, right after the bridge on the right, take the road to Madregolo-Collecchio, then from here to Vigolante, Valera and Parma.