By bike from Parma to Colorno

view of the Reggia di Colorno


Itinerary: Parma, Paradigna, Colorno, Torrile, Parma
How: by bike
When: from March to October
Time required: 34 kms, one day

Start from Via Naviglio Alto, a sideway on the left of Via Venezia, then go on following Strada del Cane until you reach Strada Ugozzolo. Once you get to the Spip district, go straight to the last industrial building and turn left. You will now have a view of the majestic Charterhouse of Paradigna.

Go on along the bank and you will reach Colorno in about one hour. Here, worth a visit is the Ducal Palace and the surrounding Park , the Museum of rural life in the Orangerie and the Church of St Liborio.

Cross the bridge on the river Parma, turn left on the bank and take provincial road n° 9 to Golese that will take you to San Polo di Torrile. Along the road to Trecasali is located the Lipu Oasis Cavaliere d’Italia.
Back to Torrile, after crossing a pedestrian bridge, follow sideways until you get to Moletolo and then Via Cagliari.