Bici Parma Po bike route along the river

Polesine Parmense (PR)


Itinerary: Polesine Parmense, Zibello, Roccabianca, Colorno, Mezzani
How: by bike
When: all year long
Time required: 50 km, one day

The bike tour crosses the Province from West to Est with limited traffic roads, mainly on the banks of the river.

Bici Parma Po is a route along the villages on the river Po that stops in villages with dockings on the river dedicated to tourism and sport, the port of Polesine, the Nautica of Torricella in Sissa, the motonautica of Sacca in Colorno and soon the new one in Mezzani.

The itinerary touches also places on the Culatello route, with restaurants and shops offering the famous cured meat as well as the Museum of Parmigiano Reggiano in Soragna.

The area is also scattered with beautiful small villages rich with historical evidences as castles, old churches, museums and different collections.
The Bassa parmense is also the birthplace of Giovannino Guareschi and the near Busseto of the Maestro Giuseppe Verdi.