Horse trail in the province

Parma (PR)


The  itinerary is 130 km longand touch the villages of Rubbiano, Castel Corniglio, Bardi, Borgotaro, Berceto.It can be made on two days.

The horse trail, linked to the paths of the river Parma valley and of the Appennines in the province of Piacenza, runs along the hills surrounding Pellegrino Parmense and climbs up towards the Ceno and Taro valley, sometimes following the Francigena way. The trail goes past several holiday farms offering horses and guides and also beginners will easily follow the signs at crossroads and stops.
The itinerary starts in Rubbiano and goes on towards Le Salde, Monte Cappuccio, Castel Fosio, Battilani, Molino della Pessola and Castel Corniglio.

The trail goes on to La Fosa, Lagadello, Monastero, Varsi, Tognoni, Segarati, Casanova, Rugarlo and Bardi, where worth a visit is the Fortezza, one of the oldest in the province, and the church of Santa Maria Addolorata dating to 1520-22.
In Varsi it is possible to visit the ruins of the Castle of Golaso, a sort of ancient fortified farm still inhabited today, and the Mount Barigazzo, that according to old stories was the devils and withches’ favourite place.

From Bardi, the trail reaches Ca’ d’Alfieri, Monastero, Noveglia, Pieve di Gravago, La Maestà, Poggio, Cafraccia, San Pietro, Monte Cappella and Borgo Val di Taro. In Porcigatone it is possible to visit the WWF Oasis dei Ghirardi.
The direction to follow is then towards Berceto, crossing Magrano, La Galla, Case Martinelli, Bergotto and Ca’ Del Vento, a small village near Berceto. Worth a visit in Berceto are the Cathedral and annexed Museum, an important stop along the Francigena way.
From here, go on to Roccaprebalza, Pagazzano, Calamello, Camporello, Solignano, Masereto, Molino della Pessata and finally Castel Corniglio, whose Castle dates back to 14th-15th century.
Two alternative routes are also available: the first one, from Castel Corniglio to Pellegrino Parmense; the second one starts in Borgo Val di Taro and reaches Compiano.

During the trail it is possible to have a break in equiped farms: the Holiday farm CastelCorniglio in Castel Corniglio; the Holiday farm Il Castagneto in Bardi; in Borgo Val di Taro are located Vadonnino, La Costa and Green Valley; the Holiday farm Ca’ del Vento in Ca’ del Vento.