Picasso Food Forest

Via Picasso


The Picasso Food Forest is Italy’s first public urban food forest and is renowned worldwide. Covering half a hectare, this public green space boasts over 300 different plant species, most of which are edible, such as fruit trees and shrubs (including several heirloom or unusual varieties), aromatic herbs, medicinal plants, and indigenous species that were once dominant in the Padana plain. Visitors can enjoy tasting the fruits grown here.

Plant labels aid in identifying the various plants within the area, and there are more than 35 information panels describing the project and various aspects of natural science. The area also supports a diverse animal biodiversity, including insects and birds. Additionally, there is a wildlife pond featuring 30 different species of aquatic plants.

The area is managed and cared for by volunteers and citizens based on principles of agroecology, agroforestry, and permaculture. It has an intermediate appearance between a garden and a natural environment, with large areas left to the growth and enhancement of the ecological role of spontaneous plants.

Guided tours for groups can be arranged upon request, but visitors can easily access and explore the area independently. The site can be reached by taking bus lines 8 or 23 from the station and city center.

The area can be accessed from various entrance around its perimeter, but it is suggested to start the visit from the entrance located at the crossing between Via Picasso and Via Marconi