The Regional Park Boschi di Carrega

Via Olma, 2 - 43038 - Sala Baganza (PR)

Phone: +39 0521836026

Boschi di Carrega Villa degli inglesi


the first regional park, the Carrega woodlands cover 1.270 hectars with a spontaneous vegetation of oaks, chestnut trees, pines, spruces and beeches. The woodlands are sporadically broken up by little streams, small lakes and meadows. Because of its variety of habitats, the park hosts a rich animal life including both plain and Appennine species. The park can only be visited on foot or by mountain bike.

The ideal surrounding for birdwatching, the park is crossed by educational paths such as the Bosco di Lilliput, a kid friendly little wood on two levels made up of panels and patterns, where children can discover and explore nature. It is housed in the Levati Visitors Centre in Sala Baganza, where all the teaching activities take place.

It is also possible to visit the Officinal Garden housing 33 species of medicinal and aromatic herbs, the Garden of Birds, a didactical area with three shelters for birdwatching in a garden full of frugiferous trees and the weather station. Visitors can also book guided tour by coach to discover the history and the nature of the park. Worth a visit is also the forest nursery Scodogna.

And to have some rest, the Barchessa, an old annexe, has been transformed into a pic-nic area and a space for educational activities.

At the Visitors centre is possible to rent mountain bikes and bikes for kids from April to July and in September and October on Sunday afternoon. The cost is euros 3,00 for half a day.