Taro river park

Strada Giarola, 11 - 43044 - Collecchio (PR)

Phone: +39 0521802688

Parco fluviale del Taro


The Fluvial Park covers an area of ​​about 3000 hectares, between Fornovo di Taro, Collecchio, Parma, Noceto and Medesano, a long strip of territory that accompanies the course of the Taro for about 20 km, of great importance for ornithology. Thanks to the migratory birdlife, which uses the Taro valley as a natural corridor between the Padania and the Tyrrhenian, over 250 species of birds have been reported in the park. Some, such as common tern, little tern, big eye, small courier, nest in the shore, others, such as night heron and little egret, colonize the riparian woods, while in the more sheltered bends many species of ducks pass the winter. The vegetation is representative of river environment, distributed according to the degree of adaptation to water. Where the river takes on the characteristic structure of intertwined channels, willows and poplars grow on the pebble islands; the resurgence channels and still waters are surrounded by marsh reeds, cattails and rushes; in the arid meadows a botanical rarity stands out, the Coriaria myrtifolia, present in the region only along the Taro river.

The park is very popular among birdwatchers and those who want to take easy walks surrounded by nature. The heart of the park, near the river bed, can be visited on foot or by mountain bike and dogs are not allowed.
The “Le Chiesuole” Naturalistic Area, between Madregolo and Collecchio, can be visited on Sundays and holidays from 3pm to 7pm from April to November, excluding Easter (closed from mid-July to the end of August) at a cost of € 1.00; the remaining days of the week are reserved for guided tours of groups and school groups.

The “Under the sign of water” visitor center at the Corte di Giarola tells the story of the park, the fauna, flora and life around the Taro river. It is open from April to July and in September and October Saturday and Sunday afternoon free of charge and offers a bicycle rental service for adults and children at a cost of € 3.00 per half day.