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The first regional park in Emilia Romagna, the Carrega Woods are rich in plant and animal communities. It was the hunting reserve of the Farnese family. Subsequently, Maria Amalia, wife of Duke Ferdinando di Borbone, had a new elegant building in neoclassical style built, the “Casino dei Boschi”, demolishing the previous one. A further enlargement was commissioned by the Duchess Maria Luigia, wife of Napoleon Bonaparte, who added the “Casinetto” and the “Prolunga”. After several changes of ownership, the buildings are now partly private and partly used by the Parks of the Duchy.
Widespread is the chestnut, oak and conifer wood and of particular interest is the Faggeta di Maria Amalia with the rural bath still visible. The woodland is interrupted at times by valleys of small streams, lakes and meadows.
The fauna is very rich and includes roe deer, wild boar, badger, fox, weasel, squirrel, woodpecker, frog and pond turtle. The vegetation is characterized by plants of species for productive purposes, such as chestnut and by areas with exotic species introduced for landscape reasons.
The park is the ideal place for environmental education paths, animal observation, easy and medium difficulty walks, moments of tranquility and is equipped with picnic areas.

The Alice path is active in the Bosco della Capannella, a path equipped for the disabled and blind. It can be reached from Sala Baganza along Via Case Nuove, by car for people with deficits, on foot for all the others. The car park is at the start of the route for people with deficits or, for everyone, the Case Nuove car park in Sala Baganza or the Il Serraglio car park in Collecchio.

At the Casinetto Visitor Center and at the Levati Center there are always accessible picnic areas equipped with benches and tables and a water point. They are also used as a pole for outdoor educational activities with schools or on weekends.

The Woods and Territory Museum at the park center includes outdoor exhibition routes to discover elements of architectural value, such as the icebox, and native or exotic natural elements planted by Maria Luigia. Inside the Casinetto, on the other hand, there is a mycological exhibition and the historic xylotheque, a collection of wood samples from trees and shrubs present in the Park. Since 2006 the museum has been enriched by the Pietro Miodini collection which includes tools and machines for woodworking, plates, bowls and other utensils made of wood. It is open for free on Saturday and Sunday afternoon.
Also worth a visit is the Scodogna forest nursery, where you can buy organic plants, fruit and vegetables.

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