Monte Fuso faunistic oasis

Scurano, Strada Monte Fuso 25/1 - Neviano degli Arduini (PR)

Phone: +39 3277805185

Parco Monte Fuso


Un cerbiatto dell'Oasi faunistica Monte Fuso

Rich in flora and fauna, the Monte Fuso Wildlife Center (now annexed to the Parco dei Cento Laghi) presents oaks, chestnuts, cherry trees, walnuts, hornbeams, ash trees, maples and a large lime tree among the trees. Among the shrubs hazelnuts, rowans, laburnum, dog roses and brooms. In the Tourist Center there are over eighty ungulates, including deer, fallow deer and mouflons. Sub-fences have also been created for the custody for educational purposes of animals of the Parma livestock biodiversity: black pig of Parma, Cornigliese sheep and turkey of Parma and Piacenza.

Departing from the Center, equipped with a camper parking area and a refreshment point, you can make numerous excursions along the surrounding paths on foot, by mountain bike or on horseback or, you can devote yourself to traditional archery, orienteering and many other activities in nature. Along the 2.5 km long enclosure it is possible, with the help of a guide, to enter some areas organized for the observation of flora, fauna and landscape.

For schools there are guided tours and workshops in the Center, among the animals.