Cento laghi park

Via Borri, 8 – Località Ex Colonia Montana – 43021 Corniglio (PR)

Phone: +39 0521880363

Crinale del parco con croce


Founded in 1995, the park lies in an area of almost 28.000 hectares in the lands of Corniglio, Monchio delle Corti, Tizzano Val Parma and Neviano degli Arduini in the province of Parma.

The glaciers of the valleys crossed by the rivers Parma and Cedra have modelled the territory leaving evident traces as glacial circuses and morainic drifts. The majority of the lakes in the park has been formed by the glacier. At the highest altitudes (from 1500 to 1800 meters) we can find rocky environments and the moors, the peat-bogs and the glacial lakes.

At lower heights we can wander among woods mostly of beeches scattered by many brooks, pastures and meadows. Among the flowers there are many protected and rare species, as the Primula of the Appennines. Among the fishing there is the alpine chars of the Lago Santo. Amongst the mammals we can find the wolf and the martens apart from many ungulates as the roe deer and the wild boar. The eagle and the regal owl are the most rapresentative predatories.

Visitors of the park can choose among several tracks and itineraries

Itinerary on the crest:
the path is constantly at an altitude of 1700 meters and the highest peak is the Monte Sillara, reaching 1861 meters. The track offers landscapes of the Gulf of La Spezia, on the Appennines and the flat beneath. Ideal for walking.

Itinerary of the lakes:
in the park there are 19 lakes, hidden between the Val Parma, the Val Cedra and the Val d’Enza. The itineraries cross silent woods of beech and fir-tree, meadows and sunny pastures among the lakes’ shores, often surrounded by rocks, traces of the glacial origin of the area. Ideal for walking, horse riding and mountain bike.

Itinerary of the villages:
the ancient borghi of the park are a testimony of the crossing between history and nature in the area. Old strategic points back in time, between Parma, the Lunigiana land and the region of Liguria, they enclose mansions, houses, towers and churches that can be discovered in a historical-cultural itinerary that links the villages of Corniglio to the ones of Monchio delle Corti. Ideal for walking, horse riding and mountain bike.

Information points:
Park offices in the former colony of Corniglio in Via Borri, 8 in Corniglio.
Boschetto information point, in Tizzano Val Parma, always open. It is a small independent structure with interactive stations to discover points of interest, information on trails, hospitality, typical products, events, etc.
There are two reception and tourist information points at the Ghirardini Hotel in Bosco di Corniglio, tel. +39 0521889123 and at the Chalet in Lagdei (Bosco di Corniglio), tel: 0521889353.
In addition, two information spaces have been set up at the Corniglio Hostel, tel. +39 3397815758 – 3349100609 and the Hotel-Restaurant Pratospilla, in the Municipality of Monchio, Tel 0521890194.