Appennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park

43021 - Corniglio (PR)

Phone: +39 0521889353

Lago Santo


the park, established in May 2001, is composed by many municipalities of Emilia Romagna and Toscana.
The Park is part of the prestigious international network of the UNESCO reserves, as part of the program Man and biosphere (MAB).

The variety of animal species, the luxuriant plant life and multicoloured flowers of the Park present a splendid picture for visitors, enhanced by major artistic and architectural evidence which the work of man and the historical events that have accompanied him have left in these places.

There are trekking paths to explore the whole Park: Trekking Lunigiana, 199 kms long, a circular walking trail from Podenzana to Aulla; Trekking Garfagnana, circular itinerary all around Garfagnana; Il Sentiero di Matilde, 80 kms long across the Reggio Emilia hills with tracks and paths that link it to the mountain ridges; La via dei Laghi, 22 kms long which link Lagdei to Lagastrello Pass; GEA, Grande Escursione Appenninica 425 kms long, this trail stretches along the ridge that links Bocca Trabaria to that of Due Santi.