Wwf Oasis I Ghirardi

Strada Taglio Monticelli - 43043 - Borgo Val di Taro (PR)

Oasi Ghirardi


Bounded by Borgo Val di Taro and Albareto villages, the Oasi WWF Ghirardi covers about 600 hectars and preserves the unblemished nature of Appenines, thanks to the engagement of its owners, the Marchini-Camia family, in joint effort with WWF Italia.

The park includes a Museum, giving an outline of the features and the evolution of the Appennines landscape; a Botanical Garden dedicated to the spontaneous vegetation of Valtaro; a Butterfly Garden; a Birdgarden and two wide faunal areas where partridge and roe deer live.

From the Centro Parco starts the path Percorso Natura, crossing the most charming corners of this oasis. Thanks to the variety of habitats, the park plays host to species living both in cold climates, such as beeches, gentians and woodcocks and mediterranean ones, such as arboreal heathers, bee-eaters and hedgehogs. Also 32 species of wild orchids grow here, as well as rare trees such as the florentine apple-tree. More than 70 species of birds build their nests in the Oasis, diurnal raptors such as hawks, buzzards, sparrowhawks but also horned owls, quails and hoopoes.

The entrance to the Oasi is from the Visitors Centre of Case Pradelle, an hostel with twenty beds, kitchen, dining room, toilets, showers and a TV room available for all visitors wishing to spend a few days surrounded by nature. WWF membership card, which can be bought at the Centre, is required. In Spring and Summer pre-booking of is strongly suggested. An area with tables and benches in the shadow of trees are available for picnics.

In the Oasi it is possible to rent ancient and historic farmhouses in Summer time, to enjoy a holiday in a beautiful and quite place. For further information: www.ghirardinatureculture.com