Park of Barboj

località Rivalta di Lesignano (PR)


free entrance


Barboj particolare vulcanello

On the hills South of Parma, between Lesignano de’ Bagni and Traversetolo, there is the park of Barboj, whose name derives from the murmuring caused by the gas emissions and mud boiling through numerous little volcanoes reaching up to 1 meter of height.
These geological features, considered among the most important of the West Emilia region, expand until the close village of Torre di Traversetolo, and the two areas are connected by signaled trek routes.
The little volcanoes are characterized by the emissions from the source puddles of muddy salty waters, employed until the 19th century for therapeutic purposes, that flow into the stream Barboj, tributary of the river Termina.
The surroundings are rolling hills and ravines, perfect for a trip by bike or by foot. In the park there is a café with beverage and food.