Natural reserve and Lipu Oasis Torrile and Trecasali

43030 - Torrile (PR)

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Oasi Lipu Torrile


Oasi Lipu Torrile birdwatching

The oasis, managed by Lipu, was inaugurated in 1988. It is a wetland, halfway between the marsh and the swamp, where one of the once typical environments of the Po Valley has been recreated. Inside the reserve you move on walkways through the woods and pass a path of raised platforms. There are several wooden huts, expertly located, from which it is possible to do bird watching and nature photography.
The aquatic environment is artificial, with the exception of the Lorno, the tributary channel. The banks of this canal are rich in tall vegetation, which create an important natural corridor for the movement of different animal species.
Within the oasis, favorable conditions have been created for the stop, feeding and nesting of many species of birds, including the avocet family, curlew, garganey, wild goose, knight of Italy, kingfisher and many others. It is also possible to observe a large breeding colony of herons (gray heron, great white, cattle egret, little egret, night heron), species usually nesting in close contact in a sort of “condominium” on many levels.
Visiting the Reserve it is possible to closely meet, in addition to birds, some rare species of dragonflies, butterflies, amphibians and reptiles, as well as the traces of some small mammals and various species of aquatic microfauna. For a few years, the wolf has also frequented the area.
The Reserve is also accessible to the disabled.