Trekking in the province of Parma


Parco Cento laghi


For the trek and excursions lovers the territory of Parma is rich with itineraries either for short easy walks and  tracks for more expert hikers, to reach the summits of the Appennino Tosco Emiliano’s crests. In the Ceno valley around Bardi, where ther’s also the beautiful castle, there are many possibilities to enjoy the nearby woods and mountains, among which the Carameto and Barigazzo. In the Taro valley, the area around the villages of Borgo Val di Taro, Bedonia and Albareto offers many different paths, as the ones at the valley floor and the ones among the chestnut woods and rivers up on mountains like the amazing Penna.

All these walks can also be made accompanied by the guides of the Associazione Guide Ambientali Escursionistiche Valtaro e Valceno: In the national park of the Appennino Tosco-Emiliano as well, there are countless paths on the mountains, in the woods and to the lakes of the Parco dei Cento laghi, among these we point out the ones to the Santo or Ballano lakes, the Monte Marmagna, Monte Orsaro, Monte Sillara or Monte Caio.

For information about guided excursions, snowshoes walks in the winter amd weather forecast, check the websites of the Lagdei Lodge and Mariotti Lodge

For information on tracks and paths:

In the winter it is possible to ski on the resorts around Parma as Schia and Prato Spilla according to the snow situation. In the Baganza  valley, in the Municipality of Calestano, there’s the chance to make a very peculiar experience, under stone towers and grey walls that come out of the woods, near the Scaletta and Cassio mountains: they are the famous Salti del diavolo, formed by polygenic conglomerations on the ocean bottom. Otherwise in the low land, in the area of Fidenza, there are walks in nature along the Siccomonte valley, crossing the hills line located South of Fidenza in direction Tabiano, on tarmac roads, occasionally cross country and stoney paths. For details and maps, check the website

If you wish to know our territory in a natural and slow way but never forgetting our gastronomy, you may contact one of the guides Parma City of Gastronomy.