Museum park of oil

Vallezza - Fornovo di Taro (PR)

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In the basement of Vallezza, Parma Apennines Fornovo di Taro, there is an oil field. The project to open a Museum park of oil is born to promote knowledge of the places and learning the techniques and knowledge related to the oil mining of the XIX and XX century in Italy. The Museum park of oil will form a mosaic made of industrial history, humanity, industrial archelogy, landscapes and documents.

Infact, the oil mining of Vallezza is one of the oldest mines Italian oil, which was founded in the early twentieth century the SPI (Italian Oil Company), which came later to be part of ENI, the National Hydrocarbon Corporation.
The valleys that housed the oil wells, still retain a portion of the abandoned industrial building stock, the “Cantiere” with the buildings of the Workshops and the Forge and the “Pumping stations” are tangible evidence of an extraction method of the past, made on site and recognized in Italy as “method Fornovo.”

And today is online the website of the Museum of Oil Vallezza with all the information about it. This new research started in 2011 has the objective to construct of the new museum and Technology park in Fornovo.