Museum of the Risorgimento Faustino Tanara

Centro Culturale del Comune di Langhirano - Via Battisti, 20 - 43013 - Langhirano (PR)

Phone: +39 0521351357-350

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from Monday to Friday from 9am to 1.00pm and from 3pm to 6pm. Closed Saturday, Sunday and festivities. On reservation for groups and schools.


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Museo del Risorgimento Faustino Tanara


The museum: in 1930 the daughter of the talented colonel Garibaldino Langhiranese Faustino Tanara (Langhirano 1831 – Parma 1876) donated to the Municipality of Langhirano an important collection of documents and heirlooms which once belonged to his father, for public enjoyment and in order to keep alive the patriotic spirit.

This starts numerous donations from other important families from Langhirano which will first be exposed in 1982 during the exhibition Tutti gli uomini del Colonnello, which will then become a permanent exhibition. The setting of the room in the Cultural Center was inaugurated the 10th of January 2009: the ceremony got positive remarks and significant appreciations from numerous political representatives.

In 2011, during the celebrations of 150 years of Unification of Italy, the museum hosted important conferences from noteworthy historians and workshops for children.

The Collection: the Fondo Tanara is composed by Risorgimento heirlooms, flags, ensigns, uniforms, personal belongings and historical documents and letters explaining Faustino Tanara’s  life and adventures linked to the local Risorgimento and Garibaldino movement.

The most relevant element of the collection are the letters: on one side we have a rich correspondence between Tanara and the principal protagonists of the Italian Risorgimento,  among which Mazzini and most of all Garibaldi, whom had a strong relationship of friendship and respect; and on the other side an exchange of letters between Tanara from the military front and his wife.

Avalbale are: a multimedia position with which it will be possible to enlarge different aspects of the content of the museum, and also consult the original documents from the collection; a lectrure hall and library; internet point,playground and food area.