Museum of rural life of Soragna

Castellazzi court - Via dei Mille - 43019 - Soragna (PR)

Phone: +39 3283643299

Opening times

open on Saturday, Sunday and festivities. On weekdays open by reservation for groups.


free entrance

Museo civiltà contadina Soragna


museo-civilta-contadina telaio

The Museum of rural life is hosted in the ancient dairy in Soragna of Principi Meli Lupi. Its opening was in November 2003. A the moment it occupies two big rooms and in the future it will be enlarged.

The collection contains a lot of items from the collection of Mauro Parizzi. In the collection there are items from the ancient manual works as shoemaker, grinder, smith, ferrier, fisherman, butcher, carpenter, milkman, tailor.

More, an interesting the sector is dedicated to the childhood and toys of the past and the present. Some toys are usable by pre booking.

The Museum is next to the Parmigiano Reggiano Museum (closed from December to February).