Museum of rural life and history

Varano Marchesi - 43014 - Medesano (PR)

Phone: +39 0525422722

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the Museum is open only on reservation tel. +39 3357457102.


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Museo Storia e Cilviltà


The Museum takes place in the parish complex of San Giorgio in Varano Marchesi and is hosted in a room built between the two World Wars in a free area used as a theatre.

Inaugurated in June 1999, the Museum exposes a didactic section of the history of the Alta Valle of the Recchio torrent and the permanent exposition of rural life objects given by Marco Pometti di Roccalanzona to the municipality of Medesano.

In the main hall/room there are ten explicative stones in the original composition of the collector, with ironwares, ancient keys characteristic of doors and windows functionning, smiths and carpenters utensils, rural utensil and for wine and norcino production; but also tools and utensil of female job as those to knit and to cook.

The didactic section is organised in an expositive sequence in clockwise direction from the main entrance showing the history of the Valley from the roman period to the XIX century.