Museum House of rural life

Via Puia - Sorbolo (PR)

Phone: +39 0521313790

Opening times

open on Sundays from 3.00pm to 6.00pm. On different days by prebooking tel. +39 3471458758.


€ 2,00

Museo Casa delle Contadinerie


The Museum was opened on September 2012.

The founder of Museum House of rural life is Don Learco Paini with his collaborators of Circolo A.N.S.P.I. Coenzo to create a unique place where new geenration can discover the traditions of a inteso creare un luogo idoneo a far rivivere alle nuove generazioni le tradizioni dei nostri nonni.

The main part of the collection is formed by the clothes: underwear, ardrobe for Summer and Winter, trousseau, store of babies; and the machines to package the clotehs: loom, spinning wheek, spindle, sewing machine from dated the end of ‘800 begin of ‘900.

The purpose of the collection is to create a centre to make known the clothes to work and formal dresses of people of bassa of the begin of the century, to analyze all the aspects of the past life.