Madoi: an open air museum

Sesta Inferiore - 43021 - Corniglio (PR)

Phone: +39 0521880363

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always open


free entrance



Madoi – Open air museum is a theme itinerary centered on the frescoes by the artist Walter Madoi in the village of Sesta inferiore at the beginning of the 60s. The itinerary along the village features special displays that take visitors to a close encounter with his works and get to know their meaning and the original will of the artist, with the village in the background.

The itinerary touches all the frescoes by Walter Madoi painted on outdoor walls and through descriptions reveals the biography of the artist, his relationship with the village and its citizens, taking visitors to two crucial points: the Church of San Rocco, in which there is a serie of frescoes dedicated to the Crucifixion, and the Ventoso, the house where the artist lived during his staying in Sesta.