Food museums

Parma (PR)

Musei del Cibo


The Food Museums of the Parma province are a network dedicated to the typical products of the territory, a project that gives the chance to discover centuries of tradition aimed to create high quality food.

The Food Museums form a natural complement to the Food and Wine Trails and further enrich areas with important historical and artistic features: the Museum of Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese is housed in the historical XIX century cheese plant next to the grounds of the fortified Castle of the Meli-Lupi family, in an area rich in castles and associations with  Maestro Giuseppe Verdi.

The Museum of Prosciutto is located in Langhirano in the former cattle market, an area strongly characterised by the processing and maturing of pork meat products, the Museum of Salame located in Felino.

The Tomato Museum is housed in Giarola, in the municipality of Collecchio, in a monumental Benedictine agricultural court, dedicated from time immemorial to agricultural production, cattle breeding and, more recently, to the industrial processing of tomatoes.
This court situated next to the Taro river is the seat of the Regional Fluvial Park dedicated to the river and hosts also the Pasta Museum.

The suggestive cellars of the Rocca of Sala Baganza become the venue of the Museum of Wine an expositive and sensorial journey completely dedicated to the wine of Parma, to its history and its culture, the Museum of Culatello is in the beatutiful Antica Corte Pallavicina and the Oil museum Orsi Coppini hosted in an ancient cheese factory of ‘800 in San Secondo Parmense, near Rocca dei Rossi.

To visit all the Food museum there’s a card, the price is € 12,00 on sale at the Tourist office on Piazza Garibaldi and in the museums, valid for one year.