Historical library of the Cariparma Foundation

Via Roma, 38 - 43011 - Busseto (PR)

Phone: +39 052492224


Biblioteca Monte di Pietà Busseto

Located in a building right beside the Monte di Pietà palace, the Busseto library occupies two floors of an area between Via Biblioteca and Via Seletti, side streets of the main road.

It’s been preserving for over two centuries its original structure. Generations of students used it, among these a young Verdi who attended the library when the priest don Pietro Seletti, his teacher at the gymnasium, was working there.

Since it’s been open for so long also on Sunday morning, it is known as a sort of an erudite living room of Busseto.

In 1768 the Duke don Ferdinando di Borbone expelled the Jesuits out of his State and he confiscated all their possessions. The Company of Jesus had the monopoly of secondary education of the Duchy and possessed a library in every college. The same was in the colleges of Busseto and Borgo San Donnino (now Fidenza), so they got their books confiscated and brought to the Monte di Pietà in Busseto.

From that year on the Monte started to run the library, by building elegant and wide rooms.

In 1960 the Monte di Pietà merged with the Cassa di Risparmio di Parma and the new institution kept and increased the library administration. The same care is now taken by  the Cariparma Foundation, that bought it with the palace in the year 2000.

The library started with an amount of 5000 books, now they are over 40.000, still increasing.